Brothers Isedore and Nathan Goldsmith

Baronet History

In 1915, brothers Isedore and Nathan Goldsmith brought a wonderful old world coffee-making process to America. They founded the Manhattan Coffee & Sugar Co., which consisted of a truck from which the brothers sold bulk coffee and sugar, door to door, throughout New York City. In 1930 they soon discovered that in the grim days of the Great Depression, how important their great tasting cup of coffee was. It was the only “luxury” many ordinary people could afford. Understanding how important their product was to their customers, the brothers demanded that it live up to a higher standard.

In 1947, the brothers purchased the Baronet name and assets and set up a company in Hartford, CT that has been importing, roasting and delivering the highest quality coffee to its loyal customers ever since. In the beginning, the company specialized in supplying hotels, restaurants and institutions with wholesale coffee.

In 1958, Isedore’s son Leon (2nd generation), joined the company after graduating from New York University and expanded the business into the office environment. He saw an opportunity to bring Baronet’s high quality coffee to the office and expanded the business further. They named this new division Bruce Coffee Service Plan USA, after Leon’s newborn son Bruce.

In 1988 Bruce (3rd generation) joined the family business after earning his degree in mechanical engineering from Union College and working outside the family business at Proctor & Gamble. After Bruce came onboard, Baronet developed the specialty coffee program, successfully branded the Baronet name, and expanded the company’s geographical reach through distributor programs. Currently, Baronet has expanded coffee sales across the country and internationally. They’ve doubled the size of their facility in 1998 and have achieved steady growth.

In 2004, Baronet Coffee entered the single serve coffee business by embracing the latest in coffee technology. This combination of technology with its long term commitment to providing quality coffee has made Baronet a leader in the single serve coffee category.

Over 85 years and three generations later, Baronet Coffee continues to operate using the founder’s simple business philosophy – “provide customers with the highest quality coffee and continually exceed their service expectations, and you will have a customer for life.” We welcome you to taste the tradition of Baronet Coffee. We’re sure you’ll find its rich character mirrors the commitment of two brothers who used to say, ‘One cup invites another.’”