The History of Baronet

Our Story

Over 90 years and four generations later, Baronet Coffee continues to operate using the founder’s simple business philosophy – “provide customers with the highest quality coffee and continually exceed their service expectations, and you will have a customer for life.” We welcome you to taste the tradition of Baronet Coffee. We’re sure you’ll find its rich character mirrors the commitment of two brothers who used to say, ‘One cup invites another.’”

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Historic Timeline

The Beginning

Isedore and Nathan Goldsmith founded the MANHATTAN COFFEE AND SUGAR COMPANY in 1918.  The warehouse was located in Long Island City, and the business consisted of a truck from which the brothers sold bulk coffee and sugar, door to door.  By 1930, the company had a fleet of 13 trucks and 20 employees.  The grim days of the Great Depression made one thing clear- quality coffee was a luxury Americans could always afford.

Baronet Coffee

BARONET COFFEE is founded in Hartford, CT by Dave Baron.

The Purchase

The Goldsmith brothers purchase BARONET COFFEE. Baronet has been importing, roasting, and delivering the highest quality coffee to its loyal customers since it was founded in 1930.

In the beginning, Baronet specialized in supplying hotels and restaurants with wholesale coffee.


Isedore’s son, Leon (2nd generation), joins the company after graduating from New York University. He sees an opportunity to bring Baronet’s high-quality coffee to the office market and begins plans to expand the business. This new division is named “Bruce’s Coffee Service Plan USA,” after Leon’s newborn son.

Sheldon Street

Baronet continues to grow and moves to a larger facility on Sheldon Street in Hartford, CT.

Weston Street

Baronet moves and expands once again in Hartford, to a new facility on Weston Street.

This building would eventually double in size in 1998 to accommodate the continually growing business.


Bruce (3rd Generation) joins his parents in the family business after graduating from Union College and working at Procter & Gamble.

Once again, a new generation of Goldsmith leadership ushers in new plans for the company’s continuous growth. Bruce becomes instrumental in developing the specialty coffee program, successfully branding the Baronet name, and expanding the company’s geographical reach through distributor programs.


BARONET COFFEE enters the single-serve coffee business by embracing the latest in coffee technology.

That, along with its long-term commitment to providing quality coffee makes Baronet a leader in the single-serve coffee category.


BARONET COFFEE is chosen by the University of Connecticut as the 2008 Family Business of the Year.


Bruce is named the chairman of the National Coffee Association (NCA).

Bruce has been on the NCA’s board since 2008. Throughout his tenure, Bruce was focused on improving membership participation while developing key programs that target today’s ever-changing coffee industry.

Double Down

Baronet moves to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Windsor, CT, more than doubling its size.