Private Label

Baronet Private Label

Are you considering offering fractional packs or coffee pods under a private label, or are you looking for a co-packer?

You have no better partner than Baronet Coffee. We’ve been a leader in the private label and fractional packing business for over 75 years, and are ready to provide you with a complete solution to your private label coffee needs. Our capabilities are endless.

Whether you are looking for us to custom roast your special blends (40 lbs. to 400 lbs.) or want to provide us with your own coffee, Baronet has many options for packaging.

Fractional Packaging
From 1.5 oz. to 2 lb. pillow packs

Valve Bag Packaging
From 8 oz. to 5 lb. bean or ground

Soft Pods
From 7 gram to 14 gram
Wrapped pods in chip box, dispenser box, or bulk
unwrapped pods in retail bag

Espresso Pods
From 7 gram to 13 grams
E.S.E size packaging with tab or without
Double espresso pods

Download our Private Label Sales Sheet.

From small volume espresso pod runs to large volume fractional packs, no run is too small. We are even Kosher certified. Private labeling goes beyond the logo on your package. We’ll consult with you every step of the way to help you develop a successful and profitable private label program. Please fill out our contact page to find out more about private labeling and other co-packing services available from Baronet Coffee.