POd Retailers

Baronet Coffee has an extensive line of single serve coffee pods in a variety of sizes and packaging. Our latest state of the art packaging line can now package our fresh roasted coffees into environmentally friendly pods designed to fit the home pod brewers.

Our unwrapped pods are compostable and biodegradable and are the most earth friendly single cup coffee system in the marketplace today. Our wrapped pods preserve the freshness of the coffee and are packaged in an attractive eye catching dispenser box. All packages are bar coded and kosher certified.

We carry a wide variety of 100% Arabica coffees; single origins, blends, coffees roasted from bright light roasts to sultry dark roasts, 65 flavors and even Fair Trade Organic coffees.

Download our Pod Retailers Sales Sheet.

We also offer private labeling in all the same packaging and varieties. Please fill out our contact page to find out more about our pod retailers program as well as private labeling and other co-packing services available from Baronet Coffee