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Baronet Coffee is a proud supporter of Grounds for HealthGrounds for Health
Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women in coffee-growing regions, despite the fact that it is 100% preventable when detected early. Since 1996, Grounds for Health has screened more than 20,000 women for cervical cancer in Latin America and Tanzania. Currently the organization focuses its efforts on training local healthcare professionals in these regions an affordable, replicable and sustainable cervical cancer screening and treating method called the Single Visit Approach. Through education and skills transfer, Grounds for Health empowers communities to take ownership over their healthcare, so they can continue to save lives well into thefuture.

August Burns, Executive Director of Grounds for Health said, "Grounds for Health helps develop sustainable and community-focused cervical cancer prevention, screening and treatment programs in coffee growing communities so that no woman need die in her prime from this preventable and curable disease. This is not only the moral thing to do; it also makes great economic sense. Research clearly shows the premature death of a mother in the developing world sentences her children - especially girl children - to lives of poorer health, and fewer economic and educational opportunities. Lost productivity to the community is almost incalculable. We applaud Baronet Coffee for caring about women around the world whose labors bring delicious coffee to our daily cups."

Learn more about Grounds for Health or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

About Grounds for Health
Grounds for Health is a 501(c)(3) organization that establishes sustainable and effective cervical cancer prevention and treatment programs in coffee-growing communities. Founded by a member of the coffee industry, the organization’s goal is to decrease the rate of cervical cancer in coffee regions.

Social Issues
Baronet is always looking for ways to minimize its impact on the environment by reducing the use of electricity, natural gas, and vehicle fuel.  Here is some of our best green work: We reduced our electrical power usage by almost 20% when we installed high efficiency lighting with automatic room switches in the factory and office.

It takes a lot of natural gas to keep the building warm so we figured out how to heat the entire factory during winter days with heat captured from the roasters and the running machinery.  In the summer we send this heat outside to reduce the amount of electricity needed for air conditioning. Have you seen our delivery trucks and sales and service vehicles on the road lately? We have reduced fuel usage by 30% by switching from mini vans to efficient Scions and from old box trucks to Sprinter delivery vans.
We recently joined New England’s ISO Demand Response program to help the power company handle peak electrical loads in the summer. We shutdown so they don’t need to run their more polluting peak power generators on hot summer days.

Being green gives us savings that we share with our customers and a shrinking carbon footprint that we share with the planet. 

END HUNGER Foodshare
It is important to understand that hunger still exists today. Baronet has beensupporting the Foodshare Organization for over 10 years by providing more than 20,000 lbs. of coffee. We strongly recommend this wonderful organization andi it's critical mission; work to end hunger as part of the overall community effort to alleviate poverty in Greater Hartford.


Baronet purchases and roasts many Fair Trade coffees from aroundFair Trade Certified the world. These coffees cost us a little more than regular coffee sold in the world market. We are happy to spend more on this coffee because the additional money ensures that the farmers, and the families who rely on coffee for their livelihood, enjoy good working conditions and receive a fair return for their labors. We are also glad to pay more because the quality of this coffee reflects the care of many grateful farmers.