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Baronet Coffee has been importing and roasting high quality coffee since 1930. For four generations, Baronet Coffee has never lost focus on what has made us successful; delivering the ultimate coffee experience to our loyal customers. Try our coffee by the pound or our single serve coffee pods and you will see what people have loved for 90 years.

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Who We Are


In 1915, brothers Isedore and Nathan Goldsmith brought a wonderful old world coffee-making process to America. They founded the Manhattan Coffee & Sugar Co., which consisted of a truck from which the brothers sold bulk coffee and sugar, door to door, throughout New York City. In 1930 they soon discovered that in the grim days of the Great Depression, how important their great tasting cup of coffee was. It was the only “luxury” many ordinary people could afford. Understanding how important their product was to their customers, the brothers demanded that it live up to a higher standard.

Springfield, MA

Every morning I get out of bed and go almost immediately to the Shell service station on Allen Street in Springfield to buy two 20-ounce coffees each for my husband and me. Your coffee is exceptional, and I wanted to give you the pat on the back you deserve. Keep up the good work!

New Milford, CT

We have been buying your coffee online for about 3 years and really enjoying it. I must tell you how pleased we were today when our order arrived and instead of bubble wrap, our coffee was packed in cardboard with shredded paper. We are very strong supporters of recycling and going green. You made our day with your show of support for helping our environment. Thank you.

Hillsborough, NJ

Your coffee is the smoothest, richest, has the least acid, and is the most flavorful coffee we have tried to date. We have been buying your coffee online for about 3 years and really enjoying it. I stumbled on your coffee pods last year while shopping online. My wife and I fell in love with your Donut Shop blend and Fair Trade Costa Rican. On the way home from a short trip to Maine, I stopped at your store and asked if I could sleep there, The smell was so intoxicating!

Revere, MA

I just had to write in to tell you what an "unbelievable cup of coffee" you're coffee makes. I turned a few co-workers at my last job onto getting your coffee at the only convenience store in Revere, MA that I know of that sells your brand! IT'S TREMENDOUS!!!